Standard broadband

based service

This service uses an existing broadband service to allow the user to remotely arm, disarm, change user codes.  Events are sent as text or email to multiple destinations that the user can select and change.  Up to four thermostats can be added for remote heating control.

Interactive Services

Interactive service allows a user to control their alarm system (and sometimes their home) while they are away.  We offer two levels of interactive services, standard and premium.  Our interactive services are powered by serveral companies including, I-Bridge and Telguard.  Features will depend upon the security system you have installed.

Standard cell based


Standard cell based service allows for remote arming and disarming of the security system via a smart phone, tablet or other mobile device.  Events are sent to multiple text or email accounts. One advantage to this service is that an existing broadband connection is not required.

Premium Service

Our premium service has all the features of the standard service.  The user can remote arm and disarm, change user codes and receive notifications via text or email. In addition to those features, mutilpe devices including thermostats, video cameras, door locks, ice melt, overhead garage doors, lights and much more can be added.
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